All my stuff will be back here soon just switching things around :) I have been put through the wringer the past few years by some people but now I'm clawing my way back to my old self while trying to incorporate the things I've learned and continuing to live my best life.

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My old music is still on iTunes and Spotify and maybe other services, just search "Casper Myers". Both albums can also be got free at Bandcamp. Yes I'm still working on new stuff.

My movie reviews are at Letterboxd. At some point I hope to figure out a way to get pre-Letterboxd reviews back up here but the databases are frankly a mess and I prefer my more recent writing anyway. I usually copy/paste my old review when I rewatch a movie anyway, if I think the old review is still up to standard.

Once upon a time I wrote a couple of screenplays: Angel Leaves | The Long Haul. A sequel to Angel Leaves is currently bouncing around in my head.

I used to sing regularly in Second Life until I was basically banished by the people I love. There's hundreds of hours of my shows at this link if you're extremely bored (warning, these are unedited archives, I have no idea what you'll find - let me know if you find anything interesting! lol). There are selected individual songs from those shows in this folder too (also some very early attempts at singing before I found my voice/had a decent mic lol).

I play piano and sing covers on YouTube. I haven't done one in a while but will be back soon:

I have waited nearly half my life for this no biggie :) #iloveitiloveit #lolly

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